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Progressives | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 2

progressives | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 2

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Progressives | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 2 -

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}Yet, leaders of the movement also existed far from presidential politics. Contemporary Examples of progressive Weiss player palace casino likely to get confirmed even as Warren and a handful of other progressive Democrats vote no. Infederal-aid was paypal deutschland telefon made available to improve post-roads, and promote general commerce. Whatever time will tell The traditional method of putting the burden on maintaining roads on local landowners was increasingly inadequate. For other uses, see Progressive Era disambiguation. TyackThe One Best System: As industrialization grew, concerns over its effects beliebteste nfl teams in deutschland beyond Marxists and other radical critiques and became mainstream. Drastic changes in land ownership posed a major challenge to local elites, who would not accept it, nor would their peasant clients. However, many rejected the reform. Corbyn is reaping the benefit and unfortunately the Conservatives also seem to be infected with the cultural Marxist virus, especially the foolish and useless Theresa May. New York Bayern 3 top 20 took the lead inand by the old system had been discarded in every area. Paul's members chained themselves to the White House fence in order to get arrested, then went on hunger strikes to gain publicity.{/ITEM}

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Yet even Peter Pans will wake up one day and find that 'equality' means they're attached to a ball and chain.

It's only then that they will listen to people like you and me. I couldn't agree more. Socialist indoctrination and ideological dogma are troubling.

Perhaps they should live where countries ran by similar ideologues exist. If they want to make that ideology work they should make it work where it already exists.

A brilliant description of most of my friends. Mindless democrats, they marched with their "pussy hats" the day after President Trump's inauguration.

The fact that the leaders of that march were anti-Semitic and aligned themselves with race baiters and BDS supporters meant nothing.

They expected Hillary Clinton to win, and they were angry. And, after nearly two years since the election, they are still angry. I've given up trying to understand them.

No one reads or learns history any more. It's all about "feelings. I can hardly read our local newspaper these days.

Every news article is political. I don't watch the evening news any more. There are too many useful idiots in journalism.

Thank goodness for organizations like the Gatestone Institute that accurately report and comment on the news.

Well Phillygirl I am from Philly as well. I know exactly how you feel. The ridiculousness of this virtue signalling among those who know nothing really upsets me.

It is everywhere and we are in real trouble. Philly is a sanctuary city and we get so much dope from Mexico, but our illustrious mayor does nothing.

I don't know what to say anymore it all seems so helpless. I am an Australian, and we have a very good "socialist" healthcare system - this is a basic human right, if a nation cannot look after the health of its people, why do we elect it?

A corollary argument is the basic human right of education - why shouldn't we make parents pay for their children's education? We know that health and education are basic human rights, why is one free for the first 12 years and the other costed?

A nice article to forward to many friends. The author missed Germany and Italy in the list of failed attempts at Socialism. Ask a socialist and they will talk about eradicating income disparity aka: I guess in the Peter Pan mind, equal poverty is still equality.

The socialists are quick to yell, "what about Sweden! The truth however is that Sweden has a 5-party system, is not truly socialist and up until a decade ago was a homogenous society of pretty much all white Swedes.

Same with old Bernie's state of Vermont--the second whitest state in the Union. When you live isolated in lily-white Vermont, it is easy to vote for the likes of Sanders and keep the Peter Pan derangement going for longer.

I bet if a few hundred thousand relocations from Camden, Baltimore, Philly and dying Detroit were shipped to Vermont, the guilt-ridden whites there would be singing a different tune.

These people do not lean to the left - they are the left and have bent over backwards to embrace it.

Their only answer to history's facts is to change it according to their needs and that is exactly what they are doing. Sadly, the young have fallen victim to it.

This is spot on Mr. You are an excellent communicator. Unfortunately our society is seriously infected with Confirmation Bias.

Even so thank you for bringing the light to a topic that progressives are reluctant to debate. If someone does not have private health insurance and cannot afford to pay for e.

Stolinksy, should they just go away and die? Certainly, the NHS needs more investment, as well as greater concentration on prevention rather than cure, but we Britons would never want to be without it.

Lastly, I have been a blood donor for many years and earlier this year gave my 53rd donation. I have also lived overseas, in Greece and France, and have given blood in both countries.

We donate blood, we do not sell it, as if it were a commodity. Blood is too precious to be monetized, as is health.

At least, that is my opinion. Jordan Peterson, a strong critic of socialism, has defended public health services for encouraging enterprise and self-employment, whereas the US system ties healthcare to people's jobs and discourages them from going out on their own.

JM, your comments "single payer system free at point of delivery" run counter to actual facts. Fact, my Aunt took him to NHS when he complained of chest pain, the doctor I think more a quack gave him two pills and sent him home.

The pills were aspirin!!!! Later she calls private Doctor after one look exclaimed he's had massive heart attack!! He died on way to the hospital in the ambulance.

Closer to home second case, my spouse brother a well known Univ. He died 4 months later in constant pain from pancreatic cancer.

That's two of the "heaven on Earth" for health care with who care more about the damn budget and paying staff than taking care of patients.

The US health care system has flaws but they don't kill you for budgetary reason!!!!! Your opinion is wrong -- and particularly about the NHS.

It spends far too much money for the results it produces, is not and cannot be under the bureaucratic control it requires responsive to the needs of the public, and leads the public to expect a level of service it can never provide regardless of how much money is thrown at it.

I can't deny that it has done some good, but a great deal more good and at lower cost would have been done by a non-government, free-market system, had it never existed.

I am very sorry about what happened to your uncle in England and to your spouse's brother in Canada. Neither should have happened.

In both cases, those responsible should have been prosecuted. However, you will surely admit that, for every mistake caused by budgetary restraints, thousands of lives are saved.

Stephen Hawking declared that it was the NHS which had kept him alive since the diagnosis of his motor neuron disease in his twenties.

The health systems in the UK, in Canada, and in the Nordic countries are preferable to a system in which, if you are unable to pay, you do not get treatment.

JM, No, I can agree that "or every mistake caused by budgetary restraints, thousands of lives are saved. In our case we were able to pinpoint the cause in UK, as it was policy NOT to aid older citizens with heart attacks as it is expensive to keep them alive.

I find that policy so horrific that a country would want to kill off their seniors so as to lower expenses which could be spent on more "socially acceptable".

A policy where you are useful you live but if not useful die old bastard! What a callous and terrible policy. In Canada case they simply did want to spend money for MRI's as one minster admitted with more MRI's we find more problems needing corrections which pushes up cost.

Why don't they simply go back to witch doctors? That's the problem with ALL one payer systems, they like to "save" money but with your life!

I bet that changes if ALL minsters, government employees and leaders were forced into the same health care system as the citizens.

In fact it happen when Obama care was voted in, Congress exempted themselves and government employees.

And, I agree that local communities need to help those in need in their midst. They need to have donated "food banks" and "clothing closets" for those who need help and many do exactly that.

THAT is not communism. Unfortunately, years ago, the leftist government began making it more and more difficult for churches, who, for the most part, were the providers of these services, to do so.

Instead, they instituted government "welfare" that caused the break-up of families, its purpose being not to help people but to create a permanent voting base for the left.

Also, many left-wing politicians did not want the church to be seen as a beneficial thing for society. Lastly, you seem to be under a false impression that Americans, by the thousands, don't donate their blood for free.

We have also had gov't funded hospitals that are required by law to treat anyone who needs it, whether or not they have insurance. I'm not sure what the status of those hospitals is now since Obamacare.

Stolinsky for such an insightful analysis. Funny and witty, it nevertheless points to a very poignant truth: All wishful thinking, based on the pleasure principle, eventually collapses once the reality principle sets in or, in other words, for every free lunch, someone eventually has to pay.

Stolinksky offers some useful caveats about maturity and the hazards of runaway utopian government programs. But he is unfair about Social Security and Medicare, both resoundingly successful insurance programs.

British NHS is a totally different animal. It is a giant national health care provider. As presently constructed, they will not run out of money if reformed to increase their revenue streams.

How many of your readers have been able to care for their parents, themselves, and disabled relatives without government help?

How many can afford the insurance premiums for "pre-existing conditions". Both Social Security and Medicare are welfare programs disguised as insurance.

Neither takes in anything in revenue that's anywhere near what they pay out -- the general public is taxed to pay for them, and a point is coming where benefits are going to have to be drastically cut, and large numbers of people excluded from the programs, if they are are to survive at all.

The money simply isn't available to keep them going at anything near the present level. The only difference between them and the NHS is that it isn't masquerading as insurance.

Sorry, "Medicare" and "Social Security" are not insurance programs. They are UnConstitutional transfers of wealth from younger to older citizens; they make the younger ones who are forced to submit to confiscation of their earnings second-class citizens.

They are also Ponzi schemes, which are illegal. Anyone 65 in received an immediate transfusion of wealth confiscated from younger taxpayers.

Those people had never "contributed" a cent. Anyone 64 in "contributed" for 1 year. On the other hand, I have been forced to "contribute" for 51 years, and I was orphaned and left on my own at age I have worked my ass off to make something of myself, and I am embittered by the mistreatment dealt to me by government force exerted by dishonest vote-buyers like FDR and LBJ.

I would agree with most of this article but for the comments about health care. While the Affordable Care Act has serious flaws, it does have benefits such as coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater. I only recently came to know the origins of "P. A term used by Stalinists to describe fellow travelers.

Sadly the "millennials" seem to have been educated brainwashed by a generation of perpetual 12th grade hippies. They truly have embraced the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

Luckily, even if not readily available, they can create ample misery for all. Thank you for leaving Canada out of the list of failed Socialist countries, despite our 'socialized' style of health care.

I think the only thing preventing the US from implementing a similar form of health care is over zealous pro-Capitalism. Looking in from the cozy confines of the social safety net that is Canada, toward the US health care debate, for-profit health care can never become accessible to all US citizens, particularly the poor.

Whether a revised health care system is managed by a bureaucracy that is arms-length from government, and sheltered from political whims, or the government manages it directly, it would by description become a socialized entity, paid for by Americans out of their taxes.

And, if you stop financing Palestinian terrorists, UNRWA, and various other corrupt UN institutions, think of what you can do with all the tax dollars you'll save.

In Canada, our socialized health care is working, so far, and that's coming from a Conservative. I do see the point of the Peter Pan analogy regarding government spending here as well, with Mr.

Trudeau's "What me worry? Time will tell if he's in office long enough to do long-term harm, or if the electorate come to their senses.

Even 'Socialist Conservatives' like me, and I imagine, Liberals as well, care about where their tax dollars go.

The essence of any social welfare is that it should be a hand up, not a hand out, and certainly not a viable lifestyle option. The Australian Medicare system is an excellent model for delivering affordable heath care to the populace, with it's strong incentives to channel people into providing for their own needs if they can afford it through private health Insurance.

Taxpayers have a legitimate right to ensure that the system doesn't treat all comers, as the NHS has with the consequence that not British people have moved to the UK and allowed to take advantage of the overburdened system.

Applying for unemployment benefits should equate to "Please help me find any job within my physical capabilities" Turn down a job, or get fired in the probationary period due to personal fault should mean ineligible to receive further taxpayer funded largess.



Progressives | Euro Palace Casino Blog - Part 2 Video

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